Ray-Ban Meta Glasses Can Now Translate Language And Detect Objects

 The second generation Ray-Ban Meta was launched last September. These smart glasses focus on the ability to take photos and videos to share on Facebook and can also send WhatsApp messages. Not only that, Ray-Ban Meta also supports the Meta AI virtual assistant which is its own Meta chatbot.

Recently via the Meta Channel on Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg has shared the Meta AI update on their smart glasses. Meta AI can now detect objects and provide feedback based on user requests. For example, showing a shirt in the user's closet can ask for the opinion of what pants are suitable to match it. In addition to showing pictures of fruit, it can generate captions to share and can also translate foreign languages with simple voice commands.

For now this feature is still in the testing stage and only those who join the early access program can try it. Ray-Ban Meta and Meta AI are also products that are currently limited to the United States only.

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