You Will Be Able To Use AI To Generate Themes On Google Chrome

 Google this week launched Gemini, their largest and most powerful AI model. It's built into the Pixel 8 Pro and is also used by Bard. Google didn't stop there as it also tested a generative AI feature built into their web browser, Chrome.

In the latest Chrome Canary, there's a new pencil icon for quick access to the web browser's theme settings. These settings open in a new sidebar than before open in a new tab and open the Chrome Web Store website. In addition to having various theme options, there is a new option which is Create theme with AI.

Users can then select a subject, style, mood and color for Chrome to generate a new theme that will continue to be applied across the web browser. This feature is seen as an interesting thing to give users the freedom to choose a more personalized theme. Although the Chrome Web Store already has a large selection of themes, sometimes they still don't reach everyone's taste.

At the moment it is not certain whether this feature will be distributed to the stable version of Chrome. Let's all look forward to the next Chrome update.

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