DualSense With Twice Longer Battery Will Be Launched


The use of wireless game controllers has been in use for almost two decades but is becoming more popular now due to maturing technology. The most common issue associated with wireless game controllers is that they need to be charged frequently resulting in stuttering gaming sessions. For PS5 owners, the Sony DualSense remote control will soon be updated with a battery that lasts twice as long.

Canada's Best Buy site lists the DualSense V2 as having up to 12 hours of battery life. This is significantly more durable than the current DualSense of only up to five hours. In terms of design, no changes have been made to the size or configuration of the buttons.

Sony has not yet made an official announcement when this new DualSense will be marketed and its selling price. If you are thinking of buying a DualSense, we recommend that you hold off first while waiting for the version with a longer-lasting battery to enter the Malaysian market.

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