Hyundai Develops an EV That Can Move Like a Crab


When getting a driver's license one of the most dreaded tests is putting the car into the side parking box. Many fail here because they cannot estimate the distance well or the engine dies.

Various technologies such as reverse sensors and rear cameras have been included in modern vehicles to facilitate the parking process. At CES, a Hyundai Ionic has been modified with a wheel system that allows it to move sideways like a crab.

The Mobis e-Corner wheel is developed by a subsidiary of Hyundai. It allows all four wheels on the car to be rotated up to 90 degrees. This allows it to move sideways like a crab while speeding up the process of exiting and entering the side parking space.

In addition, there is a mode to move obliquely to make it easier for vehicles to overtake, a 90-degree turning mode and a 360-degree rotating mode locally. Each Mobie e-Corner unit is equipped with its own electric motor, suspension and brake system controlled by a computer allowing it to work simultaneously or independently as needed. The system is still in the prototype phase at this time.

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