Google Is Developing A Feature To Stop Fat Apps From Running In The Background

 A fat application is a difficult thing to avoid. Most devices will have these apps either in the home, social media, productivity or device manufacturer's own category. Some manufacturers are already trying to reduce it with options that can be uninstalled or at least can't be turned off directly.

The thing I don't like about this fat application is that, which cannot be removed or turned off, it will eat up the device's internal storage, battery and memory because it runs in the background. Mishaal Rahman recently found evidence that Google is developing a feature that can stop fat apps from running in the background as soon as the device is turned on. The application will only be active when the user opens it for the first time.

Only, according to Rahman this feature is not required by Google and device manufacturers are free whether they want to include this feature or not. If this feature is included, manufacturers can also include fat applications that can run in the background for system stability and device performance. It is currently uncertain when this feature will roll out to everyone, but Google is testing it in Android 14.

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