Google Will Offer Bard Advanced To Paid Users


Google Bard is a chatbot with artificial intelligence (AI) that was announced last year. Currently it can be used for free as an alternative to ChatGPT. Last year also Google Gemini was announced as the most recent AI model with Gemini Ultra being the most capable. According to developer Dylan Roussel, he found indications that Bard Advanced will be offered using Gemini Ultra but only for paid users.

Bard Advanced will have faster abilities and do some math. Bard at this point is still just using Gemini Pro. Most likely it will only be offered to Google One customers. This tactic is already used by Google with some advanced features of Google Photo also only given to Google One customers.

In addition to Bard Advanced, Roussel also discovered the Motoko feature which is a bot that can be used for various needs. Also found is a Gallery feature that tells users which proms can be used to interact with Bard in the future.

Overall this year will be another year of AI only it will be more accessible, more deeply integrated and built right into the device. We will find out if what is promised will achieve what is expected in just a few months.

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