Microsoft PC Accessories Now Sold Under the Incase Brand


Last year Microsoft caused a stir when it announced it would no longer sell PC accessories such as keyboards, mice and webcams that have been offered for decades. On the other hand, the focus will only be on Surface device accessories only after this. For those disappointed fans, you can now rejoice as it has been licensed to Incase.

Products such as Sculp Comfort, Ergonomic Keyboard and Wireless Comfort are now sold by Incase with the branding "Incase Designed by Microsoft". Incase maintains Microsoft's supply chain and accessory manufacturer so the design and quality is still the same as before just under a different brand.

A total of 23 Incase Designed by Microsoft accessories will be offered to users in the near future. It is not known whether these products will enter the Malaysian market in the near future. I have personally used the Wireless Comfort Desktop 5050 for almost fifteen years because it is the only one that does not cause RSI wrist pain.

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