Microsoft Fires Almost 2000 Blizzard and Xbox Employees


Microsoft announced more than 1900 employees at Blizzard Entetainment and Xbox will be laid off. This follows the overlapping of duties after Microsoft officially took over Activision Blizzard in October last year. The total number of employees removed is equivalent to 8.6% of the 22,000 employees under the video game business at Microsoft.

In addition to announcing workforce reductions, Blizzard has ended a new game that has been in development for the past six years. The game has never been announced before. Also announced is that Blizzard president Mike Ybarra and chief design officer Allen Adham have decided to also step down. Adham was one of the co-founders of Blizzard in 1991.

The year 2024 begins with thousands of workers in the technology industry being laid off in large numbers. Just a few days ago Riot Games, the studio that developed League of Legends also fired 500 employees as a post-pandemic rationalization measure.

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