Netflix Considers Several Methods To Generate Income Through Netflix Games


Netflix is already well-known as a video streaming service provider, and lately they have also diversified their offerings by adding a number of video games to their platform.

Dozens of games have been added, including Grand Theft Auto, Monument Valley and so on. However, it can be said that not many users play the game – compared to those who watch videos on the platform. Last heard less than 1% of Netflix users access Netflix Games.

Even so, Netflix is still pursuing their goals with Netflix Games. At the same time, Netflix is also looking at several methods of increasing revenue through the video game offering.

Some of the talk includes adding advertising and in-app purchases. It can be said that discussions related to this are still at an early stage - because if the matter is implemented, it may differ from Netflix's mantra which initially wanted to offer full ad-free games under their platform.

Let's all look forward to the further development of this Netflix Games, and how Netflix will enliven and generate income through the platform.

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