Samsung Sees World's First Transparent MicroLED Panel

 In parallel with the CES 2024 event taking place this week, a number of announcements and product introductions have been scheduled by various brands around the world. Samsung is not far behind, and they are now stealing the show with the introduction of micro-LED transparent screens.

This at once positions Samsung far ahead of various other manufacturers who are still experimenting with LED-based transparent screens, while Samsung has stepped into the micro-LED arena.

When placed side by side, the transparent MicroLED panel's brightness is higher while at the same time can show objects behind more clearly than OLED and transparent LCD. It is also thin and can use a completely bezel-less design. At first glance Samsung's transparent MicroLED panel looks like an ordinary window glass.

Another advantage of the MicroLED panel is that it is modular allowing any display with screen size and aspect ratio produced by Samsung for TV use at home or commercial display in business spaces.

At this time Samsung's transparent MicroLED panel technology is still just a demo with no timeline for when it will be offered as a product that can be purchased by the public. Also today at CES the LG Signature OLED T was revealed and it will be the first transparent OLED smart TV sold to the public after several years as a demo unit only.

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