LG Signature OLED T With Transparent Screen Will Go On Sale This Year


LG has shown several prototypes of their transparent screen TVs at CES over the past few years. This technology is not new but was not readily available to the public until today through the LG Signature OLED T.

This webOS smart TV has a dual-mode transparent 77″ OLED screen. First of all is a transparent or see-through mode that allows objects on the back to be seen unlike conventional TVs. The second mode puts a black back screen that allows the Signature OLED T to be used like a normal TV with better visual quality.

Through the Zero Connect Box system, this TV only needs one power cable. TV box input, and video game consoles can be done wirelessly through the Zero Connect Box. At this point information on maximum resolution or Dolby Vision support has not been announced. The audio system is also just a pair of speakers that shoot down.

At CES, LG showed the Zero Connect Box with a special para-para with storage space. However, LG still doesn't know if they want to offer this TV right now. The date and price of the sale will only be announced at a later date.

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