Samsung Showcases AI Technology Used In Home Appliances And Vehicles


The year 2023 is the year generative artificial intelligence (AI) begins to be widely used. The year 2024 will see the use of AI in various electronic devices and home appliances that are connected to each other. At CES, Samsung held an AI for All event to share more information about the use of AI across their entire ecosystem.

AI will be used on their latest Neo QLED 8K televisions equipped with the NQ8 AI Gen 3 chip which has eight times better AI capabilities than previous chips. This allows the process of upscaling video quality to 8K better and faster. In addition, there is now a TV function that can understand hand gesture commands used by the owner along with a feature to automatically generate subtitles based on the audio being played to help the hearing impaired.

In addition, AI Family Hub+ is also used on the Bespoke 4-Door Flex refrigerator which is equipped with a 32″ touch screen on the door side. The camera on the inside can identify up to 33 types of food before offering recipes to the owner. Reminders about food expiration dates can also be given.

When paired with The Anyplace Induction stove, recipes from the refrigerator can be displayed on the 7″ screen built into the kitchen surface so that the owner can cook more easily. The same smart system was also introduced on the Bespoke AI Laundry Combo which consists of a washing machine and dryer that learns the owner's habits.

Samsung SmartThings is also now compatible with Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis cars. Internet of things devices at home can be controlled directly through the vehicle's touch screen system. For example the air conditioner can be programmed to turn on immediately after detecting a vehicle entering the parking lot. With the era of AI starting in Samsung's home appliances, the next step is to introduce it to smartphones under the Galaxy AI umbrella which will take place next week.

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