Minister : No More Additional Charges For 5G Service Access


The Minister of Communications, Fahmi Fadzil has now announced that there will be no additional charges for 5G services. This means that users who are ready to subscribe to a postpaid or prepaid plan can access 5G services without having to purchase any additional passes.

With this move as well, users are invited to start using 5G services - at the same time further increasing the percentage of 5G service usage in Malaysia.

From our review, there are some telecommunication service providers such as Maxis that have changed the 5G pass to free, while Yoodo still labels it as having to be added at an additional price. This may change in the next few days but there is no word on whether telcos will give rebates to users who have already paid for 5G.

Previously, Fahmi Fadzil had said that the government would impose action on telco companies that charge additional fees to access 5G. This is because DNB's infrastructure uses public funds, so charging customers more is not appropriate.

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