“The Bot” Is The Official Name For The Android Mascot


Did you know that Google has a mascot for Android? Every year when a new Android is released, Google's headquarters is sure to have a giant Android statue representing the latest version. Various iterations have been shown such as Oreo, KitKat, Ice Cream Sandwich and more.

Did you know that this mascot has a name? Not the bugdroid that people give, but The Bot. Yes, at the CES 2024 event Google confirmed that the name of their Android mascot is The Bot. Last year, Android also went through a minor rebranding.

The design of The Bot is now more distinctive and has the character to adapt in the digital world and reality. The word "android" is now "Android" and in the future all Android devices will also be replaced with the text Powered by Android. "a" is now capitalized.

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