This Is The Oppo Reno11 Pro 5G Design For The Malaysian Market

 With three days left before the year 2024 opens the curtain, it seems that Oppo is trying to attract the attention of many through new products. One of them is the Oppo Reno11 Pro 5G which is generally known as a mid-range device with a focus on the camera.

Sharing more we've been given early access to take a closer look at what's on offer on the device. But the main focus of the article at this point is in terms of design without further explanation regarding internal specifications. This is considering that the specifications will only be revealed more comprehensively as soon as it is launched later.

What's In The Box

Start the article with an unboxing session that shows the wrapper used is similar to the previous generation. The minimalist concept with the dominant colors of white and gray is Oppo's choice at the same time making the design look neater and look more relaxed.

The branding of the device with black writing is also inserted through the box to make it easier to identify it as Oppo Reno11 Pro 5G. Also followed by a brief description of specifications and color variations as usual on the back.

Just open the box and you will be presented with a white box containing a protective frame, user manual and SIM ejector. Further followed by the smartphone itself which is wrapped in thin paper, alongside other accessories such as charging heads and cables.

One of the things that is clearly visible is that the included charging head supports 100W output power while the cable is a type of USB-A to USB-C.

Physical Design

Two birds are alike, that's the right proverb to describe the many similarities between this device and the previous generation. Especially from the design aspect that sees a lot of similarities starting from the front screen to the back panel.

Placing devices side by side is also of course quite difficult to distinguish if only seen from the front. But when turned to the back there is actually a significant difference. For example, the camera hump is now quite large and elongated and takes up a lot of space.

A total of three sensors are provided with different positions then the LED Flash is placed separately from the camera bump. Consciously or not, the camera bump also does not show any branding for the MariSilicon X ISP chip. This means that the device's camera does not support that ISP chip which is actually not that surprising since its production has been discontinued since last May.

For those who ask about the material used, it is a type of glass with different finishes according to color. For example, the device that is currently received is Pearl White or in Malay it is called as white pearl.

Through it, Oppo chooses white as the dominant color which is then combined with abstract patterns at certain angles to give a more interesting effect. Thus it can look modern, at the same time suitable for use by various groups of users.

The body construction has not changed much with a curved front screen and a small hole for placing the selfie camera. In the same room, the size of the bezel on all four sides is almost equally thin, making it look balanced.

The phone feels quite light in the hand. It can be said that the holding experience feels the same as the previous Reno10 Pro+ 5G due to the physical dimensions that are almost the same for thickness or weight. The sides are also rounded for comfort when holding. The security system used is a fingerprint scanner built into the screen and a face scan.

The standard button layout is the same as the previous generation. The power button and audio controls can be found on the right side. Followed by a mono speaker, USB-C port, microphone hole and SIM slot at the bottom. The absence of a 3.5mm audio jack is not surprising at all, it has already happened since the Reno5. Even so, the existence of a red emitter at the top has given added value quite interesting.

That's all we share about design. Questions related to full details including sale price will be shared later. We'll also do a full review to see how it performs in the real world. As always stay with us  for more updates.

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