Japan Considers Bill to Allow Third-Party Payments and App Stores on Android and iOS


Tim Cook once told if users want to sideload applications, please use Android because iPhone prioritizes security. Craig Federighi said that sideloading is a good friend for cybercriminals. But in the end Apple lost with the directive of the European Union (EU) because they were required to allow users to sideload applications or install external applications from the Apple App Store.

Nikkei Asia reports that the Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) wants to enforce the law to allow applications to be installed from third-party sites and make payments outside the control of technology companies such as Google and Apple.

Not only that, the JFTC is also said to want to investigate Apple and Google in their control over operating systems, app stores, web searches and payments. A fine of 6% of the total profit obtained through problematic activities will also be imposed.

The European Union required Apple to allow sideloading starting in 2024 with iOS 17. The JFTC's final word will only be decided in 2024, so it's not certain when Apple products in Japan will have to follow the new law.

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