X Introduces a RM940 a Month Plan for Organizations That Give a "Gold" Smudge Mark on Accounts

 X or Twitter previously introduced the Verified Organization plan, which offers a golden smear mark next to the name. However, at the time of introduction, the plan offered was quite expensive, costing RM4500 per month.

Now, as an alternative to it, X also introduced a basic plan for organizations at a price of RM940 per month. This at the same time makes the price more friendly for small companies that want a "gold" stamp on their accounts.

Along with it, X also introduced an annual plan for this basic plan, at a price of RM9400 per year.

In addition to the gold mark, it also provides wider sharing access, support for access to X Hiring, and also Premium+ support that allows users to access Grok's artificial intelligence.

For organizations that are interested, can subscribe to the basic plan for this organization today through the official website of X.

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