Adobe Acrobat Now Has an AI Assistant That Can Formulate Documents

Adobe Acrobat also cannot escape from having artificial intelligence (AI) integration. In the Beta version, Acrobat is given an AI Assistant feature that can help formulate documents, answer questions about document content and provide recommendations based on document content. This is the Note Assist feature on the Galaxy S24 when opening a document in Samsung Notes.

Through AI Assist it will reduce the time that needs to be spent reading long documents. Important information in the document will be highlighted as well as the list of emails or phone numbers contained therein. Acrobat not only supports this feature for PDF files but also Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files.

Adobe says Acrobat users' personal data will not be used to train AI without their permission. Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader with AI Assist are now available in Beta version. At launch, a new subscription plan with AI Assist will be introduced but pricing has not been announced yet.

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