Sony PlayStation Portal Can Play PSP Games After Modification

Sony PlayStation Portal is a mobile console that can play PlayStation 5 games but only via streaming. Therefore it should have an internet connection all the time. But it has now been modified to allow it to play Playstation Portable (PSP) games directly.

Two Google engineers managed to run the PPSSPP emulator software directly on the Portal. A photo shared via X shows Portal running Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. What makes this news interesting is that no changes to the hardware are required and according to the developers everything is done at the software level only.

Why Sony didn't just allow the feature that was on Portal from the beginning is unknown. The issue we have with Portal is that it requires a fast internet connection all the time. If this is not met, the streamed game will not run smoothly. Hopefully with the Portal software being successfully modified, Sony will finally give in and just provide an official PSP emulator on this mobile device.

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