AI Keyframer By Apple Can Generate Animation From Static Pictures

 The power of generative AI is great but at times it is limited with the generation of text, images and music. The ability to generate video is still not good enough yet, but many expect it to arrive in the near future. Apple is rumored to introduce an iOS 18 update complete with its own AI system that has developed a generative AI that can produce animations from static images.

Keyframer is said to only require the user to upload a single image in SVG format, for example a rocket. Then enter the prom, "generate three images of the sky in a fading background changing colors with twinkling stars." The AI will generate the CSS code for the animation and the user is given tools for simple edits and further inputting proms to get the final result.

Basically, Keyframer generates a keyframe and then other images that are more or less the same as the other frames. The AI system then combines all these pictures into a simple animation, or maybe even a GIF.

This study is said to be done together with the animators and receive the opinion that hours of work can now be completed simply. It is a faster and easier method of creating animations. Last week, Apple also developed MGIE to generate images and Apple also developed a method to run LLM on the iPhone. With Keyframer, if it becomes the final product in iOS – iOS 18 has the potential to be the operating system with the most advanced AI on the market.

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