X Said to Allow Terrorists to Pay for Premium Subscriptions


The United States government is seen to place great emphasis on interactions between companies based in the country and individuals or groups that are blacklisted or blocked by the government.

Recently, there have been several reports saying that X allows some individuals and groups blacklisted as terrorists to subscribe to their premium plan to gain access to additional features such as longer tweets, tweet editing and a blue mark verifying the identity of the individual.

So far, a total of 28 individuals have been blocked by the United States government on terrorism grounds, including two Hezbollah leaders, individuals linked to the Houthi group in Yemen, and also the accounts of media groups based in Iran and Russia. All of these Twitter accounts according to the Tech Transparency Project (TTP) report have X Premium subscriptions.

Technically it is not known whether the United States government allows or not for these blacklisted individuals to subscribe to the services of the United States company, but according to TTP, X's own terms and conditions say that individuals or groups that have sanctions imposed on them by the American government Companies are not allowed to subscribe to X Premium services.

Since the report was shown by TTP, Twitter through their @Safety account has released a statement saying that several individuals and groups identified as being based in Iran have been stripped of their subscriptions, and are no longer recognized as official accounts.

X is expected to find more premium accounts associated with groups sanctioned by the United States government, although there are some hack accounts that openly promote military attacks on ordinary citizens.

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