ChargeSini Collaborates With Edotco – Looking To Add 200 Electric Charging Stations

Edotco is now announcing a strategic partnership with electric charger provider ChargeSini, and continues to be an agent of environmental sustainability. Through the collaboration of these two parties, ChargeSini will install more than 200 electric charging stations at locations that Edotco is ready to explore, within the next 2 years.

This move is also in line with the government's agenda and target, to have up to 10,000 electric charging stations in these few years. Today, there are more than 13,000 electric vehicles on Malaysian roads, and the number is expected to increase further this year.

ChargeSini itself is a provider of electric charging stations, and is ready to offer their services in a number of areas. According to current data, ChargeSini has developed around 599 charging points so far in Malaysia.

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