Google Maps Tests Generative AI Search Feature To Easily Find New Destinations

 Generative AI features are growing day by day to the point where they can be integrated anywhere. Most recently, Google began testing a generative AI search feature on the Google Maps app. It brings the experience of SGE or Search Generative Experience for users to find new destinations.

Google trains their speech model with 250 million places and user-generated photos and user-provided store reviews from 300 million users. For now, the generative AI search feature on Google Maps will only be available to select users in the United States. Here is what it can do;

Keep asking "what activities can be done when it rains", the answer received will be suitable for activities in shaded areas for example movies or theater. Then users can continue to ask "Activities for the whole family", Google Maps will suggest bowling and more. The answers given are also accompanied by other people's comments as well as other activities that can be done in the same location.

Other examples are; “Brunch places nearby”, “Outdoor activities suitable for tough people like me”, or “fun places to hang out with friends”. This feature will also be widely introduced to all users after it is stable enough for public use.

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