Apple Sues Ex-Employee Who Leaked Information To Journalists

There is a small industry reporting new features that manufacturers will introduce on their latest devices. Oftentimes the leaked information turns out to be accurate indicating an internal source of the company who secretly contacted the journalist. Apple has sued Andrew Aude, a former Apple employee for providing company information to The Information and Wall Street Journal reporters.

Aude worked as a developer for iOS at Apple and is believed to have leaked company information for several years. Among those leaked is the Journal feature, information about Vision Pro. Thousands of messages sent were successfully traced on Aude's device provided by Apple itself.

His activities were noticed in July 2023 and he was directed to meet with the management. During the session, Aude tried to delete evidence on the Signal application used to contact journalists. As a result of the various evidence found, Aude has been fired from Apple.

Despite being fired for sharing the company's intellectual property, Apple is still suing him because of the risk that more information could be revealed because he has access to various other information.

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