Oppo Devices In China Support 5.5G Network With Speeds Up To 10Gbps

The use of 5G in Malaysia is finally becoming more widespread. But our country is actually quite slow to get this faster network because foreign countries have already started 6G tests. Recently in China, the 5.5G network was introduced by China Mobile and Oppo devices are among the first to support it.

What about 5.5G? 5.5G is like 5G+ or 4G LTE. The actual name is 5G Advance and the device will display the 5GA icon. This new range is said to be limited to the Oppo Find X7 series only as announced by Oppo on Weibo. Pete Lau showed a demo on the Find X7 Ultra which already supports this network.

5GA is said to support download speeds of 10Gbps and upload speeds of 1Gbps. The technology used is based on normal 5G, but has been improved to receive a more stable, faster and lag-free connection. This 5GA support will be expanded in 300 Chinese cities. Because it is a technology under China Mobile it is not sure if other national telecommunications companies will introduce this network support.

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