Researchers Transfer Data At 301 TB/s Using Fiber Optics

In December last year, the world record for the fastest data transfer speed was successfully recorded with it reaching 22.9 Petabit/s. This is 47,216,494 times faster than the average internet speed in Malaysia. To achieve this high level of data transfer, several fiber optic strands are required. Researchers from Aston University have now managed to record the highest data transfer speed using an optical fiber.

The speed of 301 TB/s (301,000,000 Mbps) was achieved by using a waveband existing in fiber optic cables that was not previously used for data transmission. Normally only the C and L bands are used but in the experiments performed, the E and S bands are used simultaneously allowing the record to be created. In theory, current fiber optic equipment can be used to increase data transfer speeds in the future.

Aston University collaborated with Nokia Bell Labs in America, and Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) to develop this new technology. NICT is the world record holder for data transfer of 22.0 Petabit/s but uses a cable that bundles 38 fiber optic strands.

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