Anker Prime 240W GaN Desktop Charger Review – Lightning Fast

I'm sure the average society today, even most our readers themselves must already know about the importance of charging products and accessories in daily life for more productive work. Especially for those who work in an ecosystem surrounded by devices that need to be charged from time to time. Anker understands the need and once again comes with the very useful Anker Prime 240W GaN Desktop Charger.


Anker Prime 240W GaN Desktop Charger

Maximum Power 240W

3x USB-C Extension Ports

1x USB-A

PD Charging Standard 3.1

QC 3.0

Input Power 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 4A max

USB-C1 Output Power : 5/9/15 V, 3 A; 20/28 V, 5A – 140 W max

USB-C2 : 5/9/15 V, 3 A; 20V, 5A – 100 W max

USB-C3 : 5/9/15 V, 3 A; 20V, 5A – 100 W max

USB-A : 5V/3A, 5V/4.5A, 9V/2. A, 12V/1.5A, 4.5V/5A – 22.5 W max

Weight 656 grams

Accessories included USB-C to USB-C 240W Cable

Selling Price RM 799

This Anker Prime 240W charger has four charging ports in total with three USB-C and one USB-A. The highest output power on the top one USB-C port is 140W while 100W for the other USB-C and 22.5W for the USB-A port. All available USB ports can be used simultaneously while saving space and the use of socket boards under the desk.


Not too much can be commented on its design because at first glance the shape and design of this charger looks ordinary like most chargers on the market. So in summary, this Anker Prime 240W has a robust body design that is built to stand upright instead of lying down.

I'm not sure why, but if you've noticed, most charging accessories from Anker usually come in black and gray with a matte finish. Maybe it can be categorized as a 'safe' color for a charger to look premium and compatible with most types of desktop finishes.

There is also a base included in the box to mount on the bottom of the charger to keep it stable with a metal body construction with rubber padding underneath. The function of the rubber pad may be to provide a rough effect to the charger so that it does not move easily and to protect the surface of the table from scratches.

The size is not too big and wide, making it suitable to be placed on the desk with very little space usage but able to make my desk look more futuristic and tidy.


During the period I used this Anker Prime 240W, the charging experience was quite good. As a writer, there are several units of devices such as laptops, smartphones, watches and wireless earphones that I need to test and all of these review units need to be charged over time. Similarly, the Anker Prime 240W allows me to charge 4 devices simultaneously without needing a lot of charging heads for each device. Everything I connected to the Anker Prime 240W and I began to realize, its existence on my desk is very meaningful.

Normally I'll turn on the Anker Prime 240W as soon as I get to the office and only turn it off after a few hours making sure all the devices I want to use are fully charged. In fact, sometimes I forget to turn it off even after 3 to 4 hours of use but the body does not feel hot at all. The GaN (Gallium Nitrate) technology injected into its creation is able to flow maximum power at the same time making the charging period of the device faster.

The only drawback that I noticed about this Anker Prime 240W is that it weighs 656g which is quite heavy and burdensome if you want to carry it anywhere by just holding it. But if it is placed in a backpack it may not feel so much.


In conclusion, with the injection of the latest technology presented in the form of chargers, the transition to a fast and sophisticated type of charging is becoming more and more real. Thus, the Anker Prime 240W is one of them with its impressive charging speed. Not only that, it also has a simple design while making the workspace more tidy by saving more space.

This charger is sold at a price of RM799 on Anker's official Shopee page. This puts it more expensive than the Ugreen Nexode 300W USB C (RM699) which is capable of charging at 300W power and has five charging ports. However, the Anker charger is lighter (656g vs 868g) and more compact in size.


High output power up to 140W.

Not hot when charging.

Simple design.




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