Samsung Will Upgrade Bixby With Generative AI

To this day when I share with friends and family about the Galaxy AI feature on Samsung devices, there are bound to be some who ask what happened to Bixby? As previously reported, Bixby will continue to exist alongside Galaxy AI and Samsung will continue to update their virtual assistant to be more user-friendly and integrated with Generative AI features.

Bixby can call Galaxy AI

In a CNBC interview with Won-joon Choi, as Samsung's executive vice president of the mobile device business, he said;

"With the advent of generative AI and LLM (language model) technology, I believe we need to change the role of Bixby so that Bixby can be equipped with Generative AI and become smarter in the future."

Won-joon Choi

Samsung's own LLM is Gauss

At the moment it is still unknown which language model Samsung will use for the chatbot on Bixby. But Samsung has said that Bixby will have generative AI support for better SmartThings. It is very likely that Samsung wants to make Bixby and SmartThings like Xiaomi's HyperMind on HyperOS, where the Internet of Things devices under the Mi Home can be controlled with AI.

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