Perplexity Will Include Ads On Their AI Chatbot This Year

There are many AI chatbot services in the market right now. Most are free to use with access to premium features requiring a subscription. Microsoft Copilot, OpenAI ChatGPT, Anthropic Claude and many more are developed to make it easier for users to analyze data, find information faster and are productivity tools for users. This is in contrast to Perplexity which wants to be a new search engine to compete with Google.

Perplexity was recently reported to be looking to include ads on their platform. Now when users ask questions, Perplexity will use AI to answer by also suggesting images and videos. Data from Yelp will also be displayed if the prom is relevant. Perplexity business officer Dmitry Shevelenko told ADWEEK that ads will be included when many users ask the same question.

So the answers that AI produces are from companies and brands that have partnered with Perplexity. They plan to include ads this year but did not share further details. Perplexity is an AI chatbot service by researchers from OpenAI and Meta that uses the GPT language model as well as its own model.

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