Google Gemini Will Be Integrated In Oppo And OnePlus Devices

Last April 10, Oppo distributed an update to the Reno11 series device to include the AI Eraser feature like on Samsung with Galaxy AI. Oppo uses AndesGPT and OnePlus devices on the same date also received the same update.

AndesGPT to delete objects in pictures with AI depends on the Internet. This means, the process of editing one image is a bit long. Therefore, during the Google Cloud 2024 event Oppo and OnePlus announced the integration of Google Gemini on their devices. The intention of Oppo and OnePlus to work with Google is for more efficient computing, self-learning, creativity and perception into the real world.

The first AI feature to be distributed is AI Eraser powered with AndesGPT. But with Gemini integration, it can be processed in real-time which means it happens from within the device. AI Eraser AndesGPT is trained with billions of different image data so it can quickly identify 120 different objects.

Oppo and OnePlus will also continue to expand their efforts to make generative AI in devices a mandatory feature. In the future the AI feature of voice recording, summarizing web pages and special AI Toolbox tools will be introduced. Oppo also has a dedicated AI Center to further develop this Generative AI.

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