NVIDIA Introduces New RTX Graphics Cards To Power Generative AI To Laptops

Artificial intelligence, specifically generative AI is a technology that is increasingly being used to create creative content quickly and easily. However, one major drawback of most of these generative AI services is that they require an internet connection to use them.

NVIDIA seems to be aware of this issue, and after they developed graphics card technology specifically for artificial intelligence technology for data centers, they also introduced laptop graphics cards developed specifically for processing generative AI content directly from computers.

The two graphics cards introduced in this series are NVIDIA RTX 500 and NVIDIA RTX 1000 for laptop makers and also those who want a laptop capable of running generative AI services such as Adobe Firefly or Stable Diffusion without the need for an internet connection.

Both of these graphics cards are built using the Ada Lovelace graphics processing chip shown on the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4000 graphics card. With the NVIDIA RTX 500 graphics card, it is seen to be able to generate generative images through Stable Diffusion 14 times faster than the normal way.

This graphics card also allows users to use built-in artificial intelligence functions such as teleconferencing video processing with higher quality and streaming rates.

So far, NVIDIA says that laptop brands such as Dell, HP, Lenovo and MSI will introduce laptops with this graphics card in the middle of this year.

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