iOS 17.5 Beta 2 Now Allows European Users to Sideload Apps

With iOS 17 it will be the basis of the iPhone operating system that allows users in Europe to sideload applications. Several third-party app stores have announced their participation such as the Alt Store and developers will have to pay Apple for each install. Apple has also informed that this feature is limited to Europe only and users in Malaysia will not be able to take advantage of this feature.

The latest with iOS 17 Beta 2 has been distributed, users in Europe have been able to try sideloading the application on the iPhone. Eligible users when trying to install the app for the first time will see Apple's explanatory message about this side-loading capability. This explanatory message is also asking the user for permission to install the application from the developer and it only needs to be done once for each developer.

To this day Apple still believes that sideloading apps is dangerous and allowing it on European users' iPhone devices is only a government mandate. What do you think about side-loading apps, Android devices have been supporting it since time immemorial?

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