Presto That Updates an iPhone Still in the Box Powered by a Mac Mini

Presto is a machine that updates new iPhones without taking them out of the box. This is Apple's new solution to ensure that users always receive the latest iOS as soon as they receive a new iPhone instead of having to update themselves.

9to5Google recently shared in more detail how Presto works. Presto is said to be a toaster-like machine that can load six different iPhones simultaneously. It takes about 20 seconds to insert an iPhone and the space can be modified according to the size of the box. After that it will take up to 30 minutes for the software update process to be done.

The iPhone inside the Presto is said to use a MagSafe connection as well as other undisclosed wireless technology. The machine is also powered by a Mac Mini and it can tell Apple Store employees which iPhones still need to be updated, which ones have been completed, check daily sales and even forecast sales to process iPhones that will be out of stock. The machine will also notify Apple employees to update the iPhone as soon as the new iOS is available for download.

The iGeneration website says that the Presto machine does not require any specific training and can be operated by any employee. Presto is said to have started operating at selected Apple Stores. Who knows when Apple Store Malaysia opens we can see this Presto.

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