Super HDR Will Not Be Supported On Other Samsung Galaxy Devices

Super HDR is an exclusive feature on the Samsung Galaxy S24 device for a more beautiful, brighter and more detailed image display. It is developed based on Ultra HDR by Google which is already offered on Pixel devices. Super HDR support is also supported on Instagram for photos and videos.

Super HDR support is the same as Ultra HDR where device screens that support HDR can display it if allowed by the manufacturer. Samsung has recently confirmed that Super HDR will not be supported on other Galaxy devices and is only limited to the Galaxy S24.

If you're wondering what the difference is between regular HDR and Super/Ultra HDR, regular HDR won't brighten the screen any more. While Super/Ultra HDR can brighten part of the screen for more beautiful and stunning results. It's a bit strange why other Galaxy devices are not supported if the reason is the chip and screen technology used. This is because Nothing Phone (2a) a mid-range device with a weaker chip and screen than the Galaxy S24 can support Ultra HDR.

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