WhatsApp Will Be Able To Close The Shared URL Preview

There are many suspicious URLs but many are still easily fooled. Among the reasons for this dangerous link being opened is because it is accidental, whether it is from the preview of the URL content or the URL uses a color different from normal text. Link sharing via SMS has already been banned by the government. Now scammers will use RCS or even spam on WhatsApp.

As a security measure, WhatsApp is currently testing a feature to turn off shared URL previews. This feature is available in the Protect IP address when calling section in Settings > Privacy > Advanced and select Disable link previews. In my tests, this feature even though it has appeared on Android devices it still does not work perfectly. This is probably because it is still in the beta testing stage.

If you're like me you can be wary of clicking on links in messaging apps, you don't need to enable this feature. I'm also someone who likes to preview the content of the URL rather than just the underlined blue text below. How about you?

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