You Can't Refill Fuel At Shell Using TNG RFID Temporarily

Shell is now informing the public that the Touch n Go RFID refueling system is in the process of being upgraded, making it temporarily unavailable. According to TNG, this system cannot be accessed at Shell since February 2, 2024.

For those who don't know it, it uses Touch 'n Go RFID stickers for payment transactions, through the integration of a scanner at Shell gas stations. Balance payments are also made using the Touch n Go eWallet digital wallet.

At this time, it is not known what is making the upgrade process take so long. Shell itself asks users to use cash, credit and debit cards, or e-wallets, or use the Shell app.

Previously, in 2022, Shell had targeted around 200 Shell stations to be equipped with this TNG RFID payment system. It is not known at this time, when the same system can be used again at Shell gas stations.

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