AEON Bank To Be Launched On May 26 – The First Islamic Digital Bank In Malaysia

Bank Negara Malaysia is ready to issue five licenses for digital banks in Malaysia, and in parallel several digital banks have started to appear in the market. Most recently, AEON Bank announced that they will officially launch their services on 26 May 2024.

What is interesting about AEON Bank is that it will be the first Islamic digital bank in Malaysia. The bank will be sharia-friendly, in addition to offering a number of attractive features through it – including allowing users to choose the last 4 digits for their bank account number.

Through the AEON Bank application on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, it is ready to display several features that will be offered, including one of which is the offer of reward points for each transaction, as well as including basic features such as for savings, transfers, payments, and so on.

The introduction of this digital bank is also expected to show wider integration with the AEON ecosystem soon. With this development, let's all look forward to the official introduction of AEON Bank in Malaysia soon.

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