CelcomDigi Completely Upgrades Almost Half of All Their Telecommunications Substations

Since CelcomDigi merged at the end of 2022, the company has started making strides in modernizing their telecommunications substation network and integrating these two networks into one.

CelcomDigi has just issued a statement saying that since the end of April 2024, they have upgraded and integrated (Network Integration and Modernization) as many as 7200 substation locations across the country, or about 44 percent of their total substation network.

They further said that by the end of June 2024, the percentage figure will exceed 50 percent in four states and 60 percent in six states, where Penang will be the first state to complete the NIM process.

According to CelcomDigi again, for areas where their substations have already been upgraded, CelcomDigi customers can enjoy improvements in signal quality and also download speeds using mobile data as high as 20-26 percent.

The process of modernizing their substations is to ensure that all their substations can be loaded with 5G radios, but also to ensure that their 4G LTE and 4G LTE-A networks operate at optimal rates. CelcomDigi also announced that the coverage rate of these two networks is at 96.8 percent (4G LTE) and 92.1 percent (4G LTE-A).

CelcomDigi has started this NIM process since June 2023, and will spend as much as RM4 billion in the process not only to upgrade the existing 4G substation network, but to prepare 18 thousand existing 5G substations, including both Stand Alone (SA) substations or Non Stand Alone (NSA).

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