Android Updated With New Features Like Editing Text Messages and Automatic Hotspot

Google has given several new updates to the Android operating system that activate interesting features. First of all is the feature of editing messages sent through Messages. Messages that have been sent can be edited by users as long as they are still within 15 minutes. This feature can be used because Messages uses the RCS protocol.

Next, the Instant Hotspot feature is also activated and it will enable the hotspot on an Android device to be automatically used on a Chromebook or Android tablet without having to enter a password.

Also now available is transferring an ongoing Google Meet teleconference session to any nearby personal device. For example a call starts from the web version but is connected on the phone quickly without the call having to be turned off first.

Widgets for the new Google Home are also starting to be given to Public Preview users. Through widgets, connected devices (IoT) that can be quickly controlled through widgets without having to open an application or menu on the Android notification tray.

On Wear OS, support for more non-cash payments is also provided on smartwatches. Control of IoT devices directly on Wear OS is also added via new watch face shortcuts. Finally Android now supports digital keys for some Mini cars and will later support Mercedes-Benz and Polestar in the near future.

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