Apple Expected to Update Series With Generative Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Apple previously introduced their own virtual assistant called Siri in 2011. Introduced on the iPhone first, it was later expanded and integrated on the Mac, in addition to being present with the Homepod. Through it, users can ask questions, and it will provide related responses.

However, with the explosion of the artificial intelligence arena powered by the language model, Siri is seen to be far behind compared to services such as ChatGPT and so on. Among the main disadvantages is that it cannot continue a conversation or query – and the user has to ask something with all the keywords completely.

Realizing this, Apple is now reportedly focusing on the development of their own artificial intelligence model, and will introduce an improved Siri at WWDC 2024 later. The new series will be more conversational, and have the ability to connect multiple conversations – and not just answer questions.

Siri itself has not received major changes from year to year, and the introduction of artificial intelligence support integration on Siri will bring a variety of new methods of use. To power this as well, new iPhone devices are expected to come with higher memory support.

To maintain an edge with a privacy focus, Siri is expected to operate various queries and conversations on the device, and not use a full server like OpenAI or Google. Anyway, as always, let's all look forward to WWDC 2024 in June to see for ourselves the surprises that Apple has prepared through the Siri update.

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