OpenAI Reportedly Will Launch Virtual Assistant That Can Recognize Objects And Images

This week it was reported that OpenAI will launch "SearchGPT" which allows real-time internet searches to be done accurately complete with references during an event scheduled for May 13.

Today there is also a report that OpenAI will also launch a virtual assistant that can identify objects and images. Sam Altman has already said at this event that products in the form of search engines and GPT-5 will not be announced.

If this report is true, it could be seen as a tombstone for AI devices such as the Rabbit AI and Humane AI Pin which are also advertised as having similar capabilities. but fail to do so quickly or consistently.

OpenAI's next innovation may be a competitor to Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri. These three virtual assistants are dominant in the world of virtual assistants but now it feels a bit old especially Siri. Google introduced Gemini this year as an alternative to Assistant but based on our experience it is still quite slow.

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