Apple Pencil Pro Now Supports Pressure, Rotation And Haptic Vibration – Price RM599

As we have previously reported, the Apple Pencil Pro has been officially announced just now and it is the biggest improvement ever offered to the stylus for the iPad. Apple Pencil Pro now supports pressure on the body, can detect rotation through the Barrel Roll feature and has a haptic vibration system.

When used it can vibrate which gives an experience as if using a real pencil. With pressure support, the nib can be changed quickly and the menu in the application can be activated more quickly.

The most interesting thing for us is that the Apple Pencil Pro can finally be located through the Find My network. This is a long-desired feature because we often forget where our Apple Pencil is placed when it is removed from the side of the iPad.

Apple Pencil Pro can be used on the new Apple iPad Pro and the new Apple iPad Pad. It can still be connected on the side using magnets like the Apple Pencil before. In Malaysia, an Apple Pencil Pro is sold at a price of RM599.

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