Final Cut Camera Enables Four iPhone and iPad Cameras to Stream to One iPad

If you enjoy watching podcasts, you'll be aware that more than one camera is used. Each camera requires a videographer and this costs a lot of money and time. A while ago the Final Cut Camera application was announced by Apple with it supporting the streaming of up to four iPhone or iPad cameras streamed directly to an iPad.

Final Cut Camera is an app for iPhone and iPad. Through it, video from each camera can be streamed to an iPad and then edited directly in the Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 application. What makes Final Cut Camera unique is that all four cameras can then be controlled directly from the streamed iPad. With this only one videographer can control four cameras simultaneously.

The Final Cut Camera app will launch in June at the same time as the latest version of Final Cut Pro for iPad 2. To use this feature you need at least an iPhone Xs with iOS 17.4 and an iPad with iPadOS 17.4. To use Final Cut Pro for iPad 2, you need at least an iPad with an Apple M1 chip.

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