BreachForum That Sells Personal Data Again Seized by FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) today once again completely seized the site BreachForum because it became a place to sell data stolen by hacker groups. It was done just a few days after the Europol Platform for Expert (PPE) portal data was hacked and displayed through the dark web. However, no personal data leaks have been reported.

As a result, the FBI now has full access to the page's data, including the social media platform, especially Telegram, which is used as the main medium for the dissemination of stolen data. The website also displays a notice stating that the website has been shut down by the FBI with the help of several government agencies including the United States Department of Justice (DOJ).

Further investigations are underway to track down evidence and other masterminds involved. In addition, the public is urged to channel information to the FBI to help investigate the site.

This is the second shutdown involving the FBI and the site. For information, this BreachForum site was closed in June last year after its owner, Conor Fitzpatrick, who uses the online name Pompompurin, was arrested in March. Even so, he was spared a prison sentence but will be monitored by the authorities for 20 years.

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