Easy And Simple Healthtech Introduces Sihat Xpress Telehealth Platform For Rural Residents

Measat, the management company behind the ConnectMeNOW satellite internet service and Mudah Healthtech, the developer of the digital health platform today announced a new project to facilitate health check-ups for rural residents called Sihat Xpress.

Sihat Xpress was introduced for the first time in Kampung Togop Darat 1 in Ranau, Sabah today, and has served to enable the villagers to take some basic health checks easily and without the need for a doctor to be physically present at their location.

Through the Sihat Xpress platform, they can take oxygen level, body weight, body temperature, blood pressure and blood sugar tests independently, where the details of these tests can be uploaded to the platform automatically without requiring input from the patient.

These details will then be studied by doctors certified under Mudah Healthtech and these doctors can give a diagnosis to the patient via teleconference. If the patient's health requires a physical doctor's diagnosis, these patients can then visit a clinic or hospital in the town, which for the residents of Kampung Togop Darat 1, is quite a long journey.

Although the use of the Sihat Xpress service in Kampung Togop Darat 1 is a proof of concept, it has also been used for a month at that location, and the villagers are seen to be quite satisfied with it. According to them, this service makes it easy for them to do a simple health screening, and diseases such as fever, hypertension and diabetes can be tested and treated quickly and easily.

And if the disease they suffer from is more serious, they will also be assured that it is something that should be taken seriously, and they can then go to a clinic or hospital for further treatment.

What's even more interesting is that this Sihat Xpress service is free, and according to Mudah Healthtech, the doctors who will give this diagnosis and advice will be done by local doctors, if they are not busy with other patients.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was also signed by Measat and Mudah Healthtech to enable this service to be delivered to around 1 million rural and hinterland residents which includes 4000 ConnectMeNOW service locations. Through this agreement, these two companies will work together to increase the number of doctors to 1000 to support the Sihat Xpress platform in 2000 locations within two years.

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