CapCut May Also Be Banned In The United States

President Biden passed a bill that forces Bytedance to sell its TikTok business if it wants to continue operating in the United States. They have been given up to 12 months to find a buyer but TikTok has already insisted it will not be sold and will oppose the bill which allegedly undercuts the right to freedom of expression. This morning there is also a report that after TikTok, America will also do the same thing with CapCut.

According to a report by The Washington Post, the United States will also need CapCut to be sold by Bytedance to continue operating in their country. If this is not done, the application will be banned as will happen to TikTok. The reason that will be used is the same, which is that the application can be used by China to spy on Americans who use it.

This report comes days after we reported that DJI would be the next target by the United States. There are serious efforts made by America to prevent the operations and business of companies originating from China all under the umbrella of "maintaining national security".

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