ChatGPT Now Has A Memory Feature That Remembers Important Information

Chatting with ChatGPT was interesting in the early stages but after more than a year we realized it was still just a chatbot and not a human who remembers the information that was discussed. OpenAI Day announced a new “Memory” feature for ChatGPT Plus clients that allows it to store certain information.

When a conversation is done, ChatGPT Plus users can choose to save the conversation as a memory. After that when another conversation is made that touches on the same conversation topic, ChatGPT can give a more accurate answer.

In the example given above, ChatGPT remembers the user's pet. When instructed to generate an image, ChatGPT keeps the same image as the animal breed already stored in memory.

The Memory feature can be turned off if users are concerned about privacy. It is only for ChatGPT Plus subscribers at this time except in South Korea and Europe.

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