Copilot Can Now Be Used On OneDrive – File Content Formulas Before Sharing

Last October, Microsoft updated OneDrive on the web with a new interface. Users now find it easier to find and manage files that have been uploaded to the cloud. After months of promising that Copilot was coming to OneDrive, this week Microsoft 365 users will start being able to use AI on this Microsoft cloud storage service.

Copilot will scan and read all user files. Then by just entering a simple prom, Copilot can formulate a document without opening the file. For example if you have a company's financial report file, Copilot can understand which file to summarize based on prom. Before a file is shared with anyone, it can also automatically generate a summary of the content.

OneDrive also allows users to preview files twice as fast as usual. Finally, users can also now create new files with AI-generated templates. In my review, I have received the new interface but Copilot has not yet appeared in my account. This may be due to a Microsoft365 subscription that has not been continued.

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