Fitbit Ace LTE Launched Especially For Kids

Our children's smartwatch market has since been dominated by Chinese companies such as Xiaomi and Huawei. Early this morning Google finally entered this arena by launching the Fitbit Ace LTE. This watch is their first venture into offering a watch for children aged 7 years and above.

It has a square screen with rounded corners. The ability to track sports activities and the wearer's location is included. For security purposes, only parents can track the user's location at any time. With LTE support it is also able to make phone calls and send messages. Only certain individuals are allowed to make phone calls and messages for privacy and security purposes.

When at school, a special mode can be activated so that this smart watch does not disturb the wearer during the learning session. This is important because the Fitbit Ace LTE also has some built-in games. The watch's battery can last up to 16 hours on a single charge so it can be used almost all day.

The Fitbit Ace LTE also comes with six different watch bands. When the watch band is changed, it will also change the watch theme automatically according to the theme of the watch band itself. Because it is built for children, each watch is designed to be durable and able to withstand diving up to 50 meters.

 Fitbit Ace LTE is compatible for use on Android and iOS devices with a selling price of $230 (~RM1082) apiece but it requires a $10 monthly subscription to use the cellular network since it does not support a physical SIM.

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