Sharge Pouch Launched – Charger and Powerbank All in One

Sharge is a premium power accessory manufacturer that has just entered the Malaysian market. Shargeek 100 is their power bank which is now my favorite. They also collaborated with the film on accessories with a science fiction theme and more. Recently OnePlus has teamed up with Sharge for a new power accessory named Pouch.

It's an all-in-one pouch powerbank that also incorporates a 55W SuperVOOC charger. On this power bank it supports PD 40W charging with a battery capacity of 10,000mAh. The cable provided is a magnetic USB-C to USB-C type that can be stored by attaching to each side of the Pouch making it a pouch. The color theme is OnePlus white and red.

Sharge also integrates their charging safety technology so that the device will not overcharge. The pouch is sold at a price of $100 (~RM465) but has not yet been officially sold in Malaysia.

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